Mobile,Online,Store & Invoice& CRYPTO P A Y M E N T Solutions

HadePay offers businesses a robust omni-channel solution to process payments in many environments, including store, e-commerce, storefront, or integrated into a third party mobile application


HadePay Mobile App

The HadePay mobile application allows you to accept payments by swipe and chip card reader or by manually entering the card data. The HadePay Mobile Terminal allows you to sell products, manage inventory, and access customer data on the go through our mobile application.

  • Process Debit, Credit, ACH, or Blockchain Payments Anywhere
  • Send Email, Text or Print Receipts
  • Swipe or Dip Payments with Free Mobile Hardware
  • Manually Enter Card Data or Send DirectPay Links
  • Create and Send Payable Invoices
  • Access and Sell from Your Store‚Äôs HadePay Terminal

HadePay Web Terminals

If you prefer not to use our mobile applications via phone or tablet, HadePay offers a Web based payment solution that businesses can use with a PC or laptop. This solution allows you to sell directly from your computer, swipe or manually enter card data, and access all the additional customer, product, sales, and business management tools not found in our mobile application.

  • Process card, ACH, and blockchain payments
  • Customer relationship management
  • Create, send, and get paid from invoices
  • Manage your transactions & generate financial reports
  • Access the HadePay Terminal to run your business
  • Integrate HadePay into your Web application or whitelabel our infrastructuref
  • Product, services, and inventory management
  • Manage your sales staff and their performance
  • Set discounts, taxes, and recurring payments
  • Set all your preferences and customize HadePay
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