Credit Card Payments with HadePay

Whether you already accept credit card payments or need a card processor, HadePay is ready to serve with a diverse offering of services built for your business.

The first step is setting up a merchant account with a quick application. Our applicants are typically approved same day, which means your business will be able to quickly access and leverage all of our innovating payment processing and business management solutions.


Process Credit Card Payments From

  • Your Store
  • Your Website
  • Mobile Devices
  • Shopping Carts
  • Telephones
  • Portable Wireless Terminals
  • Invoicing

We treat every merchant as a unique business with their own needs. Every HadePay merchant has a support specialist to help your business reach its goal by utilizing HadePay technology. We develop a custom processing plan for each merchant and personally work with your business from day one.

HadePay Makes Credit Card Payments A Growth Driver for Your Business

Accepting credit cards is the most fundamental step for any business to sell a service or product in exchange for revenue. There are literally dozens of services that enable credit card payments for merchants. Not only does HadePay offer its own solution for credit card payments, but it allows your business to capitalize on the dozens of third party payment processing services that will promote growth and allow your business to reach more of its addressable market.

Let’s face it, credit card payments are social

Over the last year PayPal has processed more than $600 billion in payments. It may seem like PayPal is a monopoly for application driven payments, but according to the research firm Stifel Financial, PayPal accounts for just 0.5% of its $110 trillion addressable market. So while you may think PayPal gives your business enough flexibility to reach more customers, the reality is that PayPal is a very small piece of the pie. We would argue that PayPal is a necessary payment solution for any business, but so are many others.

We treat every merchant as a unique business with their own needs. Every HadePay merchant has a support specialist to help your business reach its goal by utilizing HadePay technology and develop the best approach for processing credit card payments.

  • Square lets you take payments on the go with technology that consumers know and trust.
  • Stripe provides important Web infrastructure for ecommerce
  • Venmo has a rapidly growing consumer user base that businesses can reach.
  • Apple Pay is ideal for selling to consumers who use iOS devices
  • Google Pay lets your businesses reach the millions of consumers on Android and Google’s network.
  • Amazon Pay offers a user interface that consumers trust and allows your business to reach Amazon’s enormous user base.
  • And so on…...

HadePay has you covered

HadePay allows your business to register and gain near instant access to technology that will enable credit card payments in-store, online, mobile, or even via telephone. These basic credit card processing capabilities will give you the necessities, but you may still need to access additional services from third party services with large consumer user bases, such as PayPal, if your goal is to accelerate growth.

Our solution allows you to connect third party payment apps then offer payment choices in a single streamlined solution to your customers. HadePay is the only financial technology company to offer such a solution, willing to sacrifice our own processing volume in exchange for greater customer success.

When you choose to use HadePay, you know that we put your business first.

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