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HadePay enables all payments

All Payment Apps in One

HadePay is a collection of all the most used payment applications and gateways in a single solution. This means you can link your existing accounts with PayPal, Stripe, Square, Venmo, Payment Cloud, or Apple Pay to let friends, family, and customers pay how they desire.

Cryptocurrency for Commerce

Use HadePay to send or receive Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, and Dash to make purchases. HadePay leverages breakthrough technology to create one-of-a-kind solutions for blockchain payments with text messaging and subscription solutions.

Innovating Business Payments

The ideal payment solution for any business to add payment applications and cryptocurrencies to their existing payment processor. Businesses can manage their cash flow and customers from all payment sources by using HadePay. With HadePay, you can convert and retain more customers while creating new opportunities. Email to learn how.

There are many ways to accept payments with HadePay. Your business can accept payments on, in your Web and mobile application, or with a direct pay link. HadePay gives your business more options and makes payments easy.

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How to Use HadePay

After you register and login with Google or Facebook, you can immediately send funds to any other registered user or business. To receive money, just verify your phone number, email, and add your preferred payment methods during the dashboard setup.

Register User & Send Money
step 1

Login & Send Money

Login with Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn to send money instantly with the world’s top payment apps and digital currencies.

Register User & Send Money
step 2

Send Money Your Way

Find a friend, family member, or business by searching their email, phone number, or using their direct pay links.

Choose how you wish to pay, by popular payment application, credit card, or by using cryptocurrency based on the recipient’s preference.

HadePay Money Send & Receive
Confirmed Payments
step 3

Confirmed Payments

  • Both parties receive a confirmed payment message via email.
  • Both parties can track successful and pending transactions in HadePay, from all payment apps, cryptocurrencies, and gateway providers.
Confirmed Payments
step 4

You Decide

Make changes to your payment settings at any time from the HadePay user or merchant dashboard. You can add, remove, or modify payment preferences for more than 50 payment apps and cryptocurrencies.

How to Register Your Business