Let Us Handle Your Checkout

HadePay allows businesses to process credit cards, debit cards, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency payments in a multitude of ways.

One of which is a customized checkout shopping cart solution that allows your business to list all of its products and services with images, descriptions, and prices.


Customize the shopping cart page

  • With multiple products on one page
  • A single products one multiple pages
  • Using templates to adjust the look and feel

The HadePay shopping cart can be used as

  • Its own direct link website from social media business pages
  • Part of your website to close sales
  • Your businesses entire Web presence

From Shopping Cart to Checkout

Once customers add their products and services, HadePay provides a checkout page that consolidates all of your payment processing solutions into a single interface

The HadePay Checkout can be integrated into your businesses Web and mobile application with a single line of HTML code

HadePay collects customer and transaction data and makes it available on your business dashboard for visualization and analysis, regardless of how the customer paid.

HadePay uses technology to push transaction data to your merchant dashboard and your website server to enable subscriptions or communicate purchased products. This allows you to effectively manage the customer and transaction but also serve the customer after a successful purchase.

Our shopping cart and checkout technology is powerful and completely customizable to meet your business needs. Register your business now.

How to Register Your Business