Ultimate Payment & Business Management Solution that takes Small Businesses Further

HadePay was created so small businesses can get their products and services in front of a larger audience and ultimately thrive.


How HadePay Helps Your Business

  • Flexible credit card payments in store and online
  • Lightning fast Bitcoin payments to reach new customers
  • A dozen cryptocurrency payment options
  • Incorporate all your payment apps and services into your checkout
  • Customer relationship management with tracking from all payment types
  • Access payment and transaction data anywhere
  • Staff, product sales, and payment analysis tools to spot trends
  • Many ways to accept payments and serve customers

HadePay is more than a payment service provider. It gives you tools and resources for better customer management and more effective ways to reach your target audience.

HadePay is perfect for any business in any industry.

Contact us today. HadePay has a dedicated support and integration team who are waiting to serve you and will build a custom program to meet your unique small business needs. With HadePay, every business is treated like a Fortune 500 company and gets the attention it deserves, because our investment is in you, and we know that by using HadePay services you small business will grow. Tell us about your business and learn how HadePay can take your company to the next level.

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