Customized Payment & Business Management Solutions for Global Organizations

A global payment processor

    Credit card processing with more than a dozen multi-currency payment options. Our dashboard provides a consolidated view of all payments that can be reconciled simply with reporting and statements for all countries.

The HadePay app allows your business to
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Consolidate your processing relationships

As a global business, you have many processing relationships. Unfortunately, such relationships are necessary but also costly and difficult to manage. HadePay provides you a payment solution for credit cards and cryptocurrencies, but also allows your business to consolidate all of the existing payment solutions and applications used to conduct business around the world

Single point of contact

    HadePay offers a wide variety of payment solutions for your specific business needs, and assigns a team of experienced staff and a single point of contact to ensure that your operations run smooth and that we are available to meet whatever need you have

The HadePay app allows your business to
Built to Open New Doors

International currency solutions

Concerned about Forex and currency exchange? We offer instant currency exchange through our partnership with Wyre and can offer your business the freedom of exchange services for both fiat and cryptocurrency on a global scale.

Product performance analysis

    HadePay has the technology already in place to give your business a deep look at the performance of specific products and services in different regions around the globe. Breakdown your supply chain to see strengths and weaknesses with in depth visual analytics.

The HadePay app allows your business to
Built to Open New Doors

Regional & Staff Insights

Know in real time the performance of your regional operation and even the effectiveness of sales staff so that you can make business decisions faster to cut costs and capitalize on growing opportunities.

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