eCommerce and Online Business Payments

Does your business sell software, retail, or services entirely from a Web or mobile application? HadePay was created to serve such businesses. Everything we have done since is a bonus. The eCommerce and online space is where HadePay adds tremendous value.


Most eCommerce and online businesses utilize services such as Apple Pay, PayPal, or Stripe, and in many cases all and even more are utilized. The problem is that utilizing many payment apps and services becomes difficult to manage on the backend, to cancel and upgrade subscriptions or to manage customers and reconcile payments effectively.

  • Add payments to your website or mobile application
  • Consolidate more than 25 payment applications and cryptocurrencies into a single payment solution.
  • Create a storefront and custom checkout
  • Manage all customers and transactions in one dashboard
  • Accept Bitcoin payments on Lightning Network & exchange with stable currency

HadePay Features for Online Businesses



Online businesses are always open, and so is HadePay to enable payments.


The industry’s most flexible integration process all controlled from the HadePay dashboard. Our solution can be fully integrated into your Web or mobile app with a single line of code. Or, build a shopping cart and checkout solution hosted by HadePay with a few clicks and accept payments without the upkeep.


Payment Types

Not only can you process credit and debit card, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies but also payment applications like PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, Stripe, Square, Google Pay, and others alike in one interface

Full Support

HadePay is invested in making sure your business grows efficiently and have all the tools you need. We have staff on call and available to assist with any needs your business may have in addition to a dedicated customer success manager who works closely with your business to reach goals.


Complete Management

Access your payment, customer, and staff data any time of the day through our dedicated merchant dashboard portal. The dashboard allows you to customize your HadePay experience, user interface, and additional functions such as currency exchange or Bitcoin transfers.

How to Register Your Business