The Necessary Tools to Help Your Church or Non-Profit Organization Thrive 100% Guaranteed to Save Your Church or Non-Profit Money and Grow Donations

  • Why is HadePay Donations the Best Option?
  • NO Setup Fee!
  • NO Monthly Service Fee!
  • 50% Reduction on Realized Processing Fee!

3 Ways to Accept Donations

  • Completely customizable mobile application
  • Web store for online donations and purchases
  • Simple donate button that can be placed anywhere donations are possible

HadePay Donation Features

  • Customize your look and message to keep your congregation and donators involved.
  • Accept single or recurring donations
  • Accept donations from more than 50 payment applications and cryptocurrencies from a single interface for maximum reach.
  • Powerful dashboard to manage your cash flow with deep analytics to increase donation amounts, donator retention, new donator acquisition, and collection management.

Use drag and drop technology to create a mobile donation platform in minutes that communicates your cause and resonates with your givers. Or feel free to add custom fields with interactive content and videos for a more personalized touch.

A simple payment interface that lets givers make single, monthly, or bi-weekly donations and gives your organization access to donated funds within 36 hours.

Add the Donate button anywhere on your Website to accept donations.

How to Register Your Business