A Bitcoin Wallet Built for Business

The HadePay Bitcoin wallet captures the accessibility and security of Bitcoin with the power and speed of the lightning network. Bitcoin was built for anonymous transactions, but in the world of commerce with fraud protection and know your customer policies, it is important to know who you are doing business with. This especially applies to online businesses.

The HadePay Bitcoin wallet allows you to store contacts and instantly associated your customer with an incoming Bitcoin transaction so that your business remains compliant. This applies to Bitcoin wallets on the lightning network and traditional onchain wallets

Built to Open New Doors

Easy access to your Bitcoin

When choosing a Bitcoin wallet it is important that you have access when needed. Hardware wallets are great for security but limit the owner’s access. Desktop wallets are also secure but are only accessible on a desktop computer. Mobile wallets have grown in usability but have experienced recent pushback from users that did not realize the potential for lost BTC with the purchase of a new phone. It is important to understand that most mobile wallet apps are not built like Facebook where your coin is accessible from a login.

Security is a very serious issue with cryptocurrency as is accessibility. That is why our Bitcoin wallet enables owners to access their BTC on mobile devices and desktop with the use of login, pin code, and authenticator technology.

So not only do you obtain the speed of lightning and power of Bitcoin, but the security to keep your BTC safe.

Only approved merchants can access and obtain our Bitcoin wallet and are free to generate multiple wallets.

How to Register Your Business