Our Company

Our mission is to offer breakthrough payment & business management services that enable our customers to accelerate sales growth, reduce costs, and reach more of their addressable market. We measure success by our ability to accomplish these three goals for each and every customer.

HadePay is a financial technology startup that develops infrastructure for fiat and blockchain payments. We are the only payment service that enables digital currency and fiat currency payments in one place. We serve every industry with mobile, online, and store payments while offering additional features such as point of sale, checkout, and online store to give our customers everything necessary and desired to serve their customers.

Hade Pay opens new revenue streams and expedites international growth for merchants around the world with greater insights into their customers, payments, employees, regional, and product performance. Hade Pay combines cutting edge payments infrastructure, completely customizable applications, and analytics from artificial intelligence to let businesses operate smarter and more efficiently.

Built to Open New Doors

Combining credit card payments with Bitcoin payments can open new doors for your business, and with HadePay we make those doors very easy to open. HadePay consolidates credit card payments, blockchain payments, and payments with third party applications and services into a single solution so your business can instantly reach global scale.

Save Your Business More Money

We are loyal to our customers, and our only goal is that your business is growing revenue and cutting costs by using our service. We do this directly with currency exchange and cryptocurrency integrations but also giving your business the power to leverage many different payment applications within our solution.

Solve Big Problems

There are many business adoption issues with cryptocurrency and every business struggles with managing customers, products, and transactions. HadePay combines cryptocurrency and fiat in a single solution and gives businesses powerful tools and services to analyze customer, product, transaction, and even staff trends in real time.

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